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About Us

PECHS Purpose Statement

In partnership with: San Jacinto CollegeOur purpose at PECHS is to provide a nurturing, respectful environment that instills our students with the confidence and skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world and to become valued members of a global community.

In September, 2010, the Pasadena Independent School District and San Jacinto Community College jointly created the Pasadena Early College High School (PECHS). The Pasadena Early College High School is located within Pasadena High School in a stand- alone facility as a small learning community.  This unique school is specifically designed to provide students the opportunity to begin college during the ninth grade.  This school redefines the typical comprehensive high school experience by providing a small school setting within the regular high school. This program enables students to progress in four years from the ninth grade through the first two years of college earning both their high school distinguished diploma and either an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

Pasadena Early College High School (PECHS), like all schools following the early college high school model, strives to increase high school and college graduation rates among students who are not widely represented on college campuses. To this end, our mission includes:

  • Accelerated instruction in a small school environment
  • Preparing students to start college coursework in their ninth grade year
  • The opportunity for students to graduate from high school with up to half of their college education complete, tuition free
  • An impressive faculty, experienced in college preparatory instruction
  • Support students by developing meaningful relationships with teachers,  administrators and college faculty.
  • Stock photo of graduates wearing caps and gowns from the side