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Athletic Training FAQs

  • Athletic Training is the prevention, recognition, evaluation, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries

  • Prevention - Gaining and maintaining maximum physical conditioning for the athletes
    Recognition - Learning how to recognize different types of injuries
    Evaluation – Learning how to evaluate the severity of an injury
    Rehabilitation – Learning rehab techniques to help the athlete recover from an injury

    • Assist the Athletic Trainers
    • Attend all assigned practices and games
    • Set up for practices and games
    • Assist in all forms of taping, wrapping, first aid, and rehabilitation in the Training Room
    • Entering daily treatments into the computer
    • Stocking supplies in the Training Room and emergency kits
    • Assist with pre-season physicals yearly
    • Pass all classes with a minumum 75 average
  • Yes. You can receive PE credit in an Athletic period and an elective credits through Sports Medicine 1 & 2 classes which count as an elective.
    ½ credit per semester

  • Yes:

    • During the fall it will be every day during football season plan to stay until 6pm each day you are assigned to work(Except Sundays and only on Saturday if there is a practice or game scheduled)
    • During the winter & spring it will be according to the sport they are assigned to cover.
    • Some events require Saturdays and Holidays
    • Fall Sports – Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball (August through November)
    • Winter Sports – Basketball and Soccer (November through March)
    • Spring Sports – Baseball, Softball, Tennis, and Track (January through April)
    • Late Spring – Spring Football (April – May)
    • Basic First Aid
    • CPR
    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    • All forms of taping & wrapping
    • Medical terminology
    • Anatomy
    • Basic Rehab Techniques
    • By daily attendance and participation
    • Following a dress code for practices and games
    • Maintaining an overall “C” average
    • Attendance at the Greater Houston Student Athletic Trainer Workshop
  • Yes!

    • Some Colleges and Universities assist Student Athletic Trainers with financial aid
    • You can learn the basics and apply the learned skills and knowledge to prepare for college
    • If you want to do this in College, We can assist getting you in a program
    • Highly motivated
    • Strong academics / Maintaining passing grades
    • Good work and study habits
    • Good conduct and appearance
    • Exceptional attendance
    • Self-Discipline
    • Desire to help others
    • Responsible, dependable, honest, and trustworthy
    • Ability to get along with others
    • Wants to be a part of a unique athletic organization
    • Total commitment to the program
    • Receive Academic credits
    • Be introduced at pep rallies and banquets
    • Name and picture in the sports programs
    • After 2 years of service – Receive a Letter Jacket
    • After that receive Varsity letter in all sports participated
    • Items furnished will be – Game shirt, practice T-shirt
    • Additional clothing items can be available to purchase.
    • The first time there will be a conference with the Athletic Trainers and attending tutorials will be required. You will still be required to work practices, but cannot work games.
    • The second time you will be put on Academic Suspension or possibly removed from the Student Training Program (pending how many classes you fail). If the student can show that they have corrected this problem and can be consistent in passing their classes, we will consider letting the student back in the program the next year.