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Chess Club

Ready to get pwn'd?

Our Purposes:

  1. To enable the members to play the game of chess.
  2. To conduct tournaments, matches, and other forms of chess competition, including matches with other schools within PISD.
  3. To promote the popularity of the game of chess.


  • President- Fidencio Alanis
  • Vice President- Abel Dominguez
  • Secretary- Ricardo Moreno
  • Treasurer- Michael Mota
  • Historian- Jaime Argueta
  • Club Assistant- Robert Velazquez
  • Club Assistant- Amber Castillo 

Meetings and Agendas

  • Official Meeting: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Time and Place: 2:35PM; Room 3415
  • Agenda: Sign-up for the chess team (need at least 10 players)

Club News

  • Chess Set from Santa Project
  • Try-outs for chess team
  • Yearbook in progress
  • Website: a working progress