Eagle Escort History

The History of The Eagle Escort Drill Team
est. 1966


In 1964, there was an initial group that was formed as a “pep squad”called the “Eaglettes.” Today, the PHS JV drill team squad is called the Eaglettes.  Having 32 members,the former pep squad was led by two sponsors, Mrs. Carol Kirn and Miss Florence Reich. Working with the cheerleaders, the pep squad began with stand routines that corresponded to cheers and music led by the band.According to the yearbook from 1964, “they added color and enthusiasm to the Pasadena pep rallies and football games.”

Several girls within the student body, however, did not want just a “pep squad”but instead, wanted a dance group. In 1966, with the help of their first Director, Mrs. Claudette Richardson, the Eagle Escort was formed and the dance team was born. With 90 members the first year, the first officers, Colonel Charlotte Putman, Major Debbie York and Captain Linda Landis, and five others, attended an officer training camp led by Ms. Gussie Nell Davis, the Director and Choreographer of the Kilgore College Rangerettes at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in the summer.

Mrs. Richardson recruited in the Intermediates to let the incoming freshman know of the dance team, and numerous girls signed up to “tryout” for the group.  The first years of the team were rough, for new traditions were being formed sometimes on purpose, and others merely by accident. The same year, three dance teams were formed in PISD, the Pasadena Eagle Escort, the South Houston Jannettes, and the Sam Rayburn Tex-Anns.

The traditional practice uniform, the E.E. was one of the longest standing traditions up until 2013 when the particular green stretchy material was discontinued and it became to expensive for members to have shipped. Although, the green derby hats that members wore with their performing uniform lasted as another ’tradition’ for quite some time, with the changing of dance team styles, uniform modifications and expense involved with purchasing these hats, they made their way into the archives around the year 1995. Today, the team continues to dance the "Long Tall Texan" routine at Rayburn which is the oldest tradition the team has.

As the traditional derby hats faded, the team for a time wore their hair in french braids. However, the team currently performs in a white hat that tilts to the right.

The Eagle Escort still strives for excellence and all members work hard to maintain an impressive level of precision with each and every performance.

Being a year round program, the girls perform at football games and pep rallies, basketball games, community events such as the Pasadena Rodeo Parade, Christmas Tree Lighting, Houston Live Stock Parade, Strawberry Festival Parade, and several competitions.  The team has performed at the World’s Fair held in New Orleans, Louisiana, Opryland USA in Nashville, Tennessee, Walt Disney World, and the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D.C. The team participates in a teddy bear drive for children at Christmas and contribute to food drives, toy drives, and volunteer at Destiny Village.

The EE's instill a feeling of pride through each and every performance and give all members the drive and desire to strive to try to maintain high academic standard, as well as support school groups and activities throughout the campus.

Girls must audition annually for the group and must have completed at least one semester of dance training in order to tryout. Officers are chosen from the returning group and must pass yet another panel of judges and even higher scrutiny.

The Eagle Escort Drill Team remains one of few high school drill teams in Texas that have gone through a limited amount of drill team directors.The team has seen many successful years because of this factor.

The team hopes to continue to carry out the tradition of success and pride. 
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