Admission Policy / Exit Protocol

Admission Policy / Student Academic Exit Protocol

ECHS is FREE to families - college tuition and books are paid for by Pasadena ISD and San Jacinto College.
Transportation is provided.

ONLINE APPLICATION for the 2018-2019 school year will be available from OCTOBER 2nd, 2017 - JANUARY 12th, 2018.

Additional Information 

  • All 8th grade students zoned to PISD high schools are eligible to apply each year.
  • Parent informational meetings and ECHS Open Houses will take place in October/November.
  • Accepted students and a parent must attend a mandatory meeting in February to commit to ECHS and sign a contract.   
  • Accepted students must attend Summer Bridge Program in June.



PECHS Student Academic Exit Protocol:


Failing one or more core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) at three week progress report

(Student given verbal/written notice via AVID and assigned mandatory LIFTs-Learning in Focused Tutorials)



Failing one/two classes at the end of a six week cycle

Failing college class at Midterm of 16 week college course

First term college GPA is less than 2.0

(Student assigned mandatory LIFTs)



Failing three or more core classes at the end of a six week cycle

Failed two or more core courses at semester end

At the end of any term in which the student is on Academic Warning and college GPA is still less than 2.0

On Academic Warning for two consecutive semesters

(Student placed on AVID Academic Probation Contract)



Failed three core courses at semester end

Failed two consecutive college courses in the 1st year of program

On Academic Probation and both the student’s overall college GPA and his/her GPA from the just completed term fall below 2.0

On Academic Probation for five consecutive six week cycles

(Student Exited from the PECHS program)


Other considering factors:

Student has not passed all sections of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) by the end of the sophomore year.

Student has poor attendance (>9 absences) and is under the TRIAD Prevention Program

Student has poor behavior resulting in ISC, OSS, GC, Summit and JJAEP placement.

Parent absent from scheduled parent conference without prior notification.

*Students who have not earned credits for their core classes will not be allowed to enroll in a college course.

**Once a student reaches the level of Suspension, he/she will be exited from the PECHS program due to not making significant academic progress. The Dean of Students reserves the right at any time to modify the above mentioned consequences up to removal (exiting) a student from the program.