Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Monday, Jan 14th, 2013.
Welcome back to my reflections. January has been busy with the preparation for GHATS Student Athletic Trainer Workshop, soccer games, basketball games and the second semester of school starting. there have been some cool things happening in my life and i want to continue to thank the source of my success. Because i have been saved by grace I can love and serve others. Because I have been served and shown selfless love I can attempt to show that to others. Jesus Christ is worthy of receiving credit first and foremost. Second to Him is my beautiful bride with whom I am madly in love.

What is happening you ask?
1. We were awarded a grant to purchase Xbox Kinect systems for each of the high school's Sports Medicine program.
2. I have been informed that our podcast will allow Athletic Trainers to earn CEUs. This is awesome because my students will be a part of improving the professional practice of athletic trainers.
3. I received the Bobby Gunn award from GHATS for dedicated service to the organization.
4. Financial peace University is coming up and we are leading the course with the new materials and I have recruited a co-leader
5. I have submitted another grant to continue to improve and upgrade the podcast.
6. I am excited about the guest we have coming on the show in January and the first part of February.
7. I have begun a project to become a (self) published author.

There have been many things to make me feel good about myself and what I am doing now, but again I can not accept the praise without mentioning my source of strength. So as soccer kicks into high gear, basketball enters district play and baseball softball begin practicing and schedules get crazy I can continue to find joy in knowing I am making a difference.

Thanks for reading.
Jeremy Jackson
Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Monday, Dec 3rd, 2012.
Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is in full swing. Christmas music - check, Christmas lights - check, Christmas tree - check, presents wrapped - half check, my wife's creative advent calendar - check. I am sure there are a ton more things to put on the check off list to make sure it is Christmas time and that I am in the Christmas spirit. Whoever, if I miss the one reason the season was originally celebrated then I miss everything. If I teach my boys that December is about busyness and what they are going to get from Santa, I am failing as the leader of my family. Never has it been more clear the gravity and impact of my attitude, perspective, actions and words. Now that I have a 2 year old that can repeat and remember almost anything!! I can not fake it all the time, I must truly examine my heart to find where I need to change and grow so that I can lead my family whole hearted. People looking up to you is an amazing and terrifying privilege that should not be taken lightly. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a leader to my family, community church and friends.

As of Dec 3 we have been out look at lights 3 times and watched at least 3 different Christmas movies or specials. i can not believe i used to to be indifferent about this wonderful holiday.

For now that is all
Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Tuesday, Nov 6th, 2012.
November is always exciting; it officially begins the holiday season in my opinion. There are the obvious ones: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. However, within each of those is so much more. We start off by ending football season in late October or early November each year. That leads way to the HUGE basketball tournament our school district puts on each year: the McDonald’s Texas Invitational which raises money to support many of the grants I write each year. Then we have roughly a week off of work where I will heavily invest in rest and relaxing with my beautiful wife and two adorable boys. We typically go to Mad Potter and paint an ornament for our Christmas tree that we will put up that week or weekend. The Thanksgiving meal with family is a true blessing.

Things I am thankful for:
My family
The opportunity to work and positively affect lives
Gaining momentum with the podcast: the Sports Medicine Broadcast
Increased numbers in our Athletic Training program
Working out with coach Cromeens
And in case I did not make it clear: Saving Grace and my family

My wife and I have already begun saying one thing each night that we are thankful that day. Simple and short but very beneficial in remembering how awesome each day is. After Thanksgiving we will usually spend time watching Christmas movies (Elf is always a favorite) and drink hot cocoa when possible. Christmas eve we have some traditions and then of course we have Christmas day traditions. One is reading the story of the first Christmas as a family.
Professional update:
I am now on the board for GHATS which is a professional organization that I benefitted from when I was in high school. Go figure I am now the website guy with a lot of ideas and a lot to learn.
I learn and add tools or knowledge to my practice each week we have a guest on the podcast, reading journals or articles is good but having a conversation is usually better for me.
For now this is all, check back for what appears to be a monthly reflection on my life both personal and professional.
- Jackson
Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012.
Right now the thermometer is registering 100+ degrees in areas all around us right now. I know leaves are supposed to change colors in the fall but here i think they aer just turning red because it is so hot. For athletic trainers, that means lots of water, ice and heat exhaustion symptoms. I have been riding my bike to and from work and definately feeling the heat even at 6pm. But since there is nothing I can do to change the weather then I should see this as an opportunity to improve my knowledge of heat stress symptoms. On this note my lovely bride saved some articles for me from the Women's Health Magazine that gave tips for working out in the heat from Olympic athletes. Some of them I have not heard of before but they seem to make perfect sense.

Wear thin long-sleeve shirts rather than using sunblock - allows skin to breath and sweat as needed
Xylitol treated clothes - release a chilling bath when you sweat (like when you eat a piece of Ice-Breakers gum or altoid)
Compression sleeves which have cooling chemicals at your pulse points - increases your body's cooling rate.
Don't look at the temperature before you work out - research shows if you believe the temperature to be a little lower than it will not affect you as much...the brain is a powerful thing

There are several more but that is good enough for now.

This year we are having a record number of students interested in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.
If we keep all of the students we have now then we will have 17 students trainers and 2 more asked about applying today.

We hope to continue to build our program not just in numbers but in stength and knowledge as well.

Thanks for reading
Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Saturday, Aug 11th, 2012.
Amazing, awesome, wonderful, perfect. These are words teat describe the summer of 2012. If you listen to our welcome back podcast scheduled for the first week in Sept you will hear some of the same things.

2 months completely off. No requirements to go up to school or meetings.
A 2 year old and a pregnant wife at home
We woke up when our son did pretty much all of June and I got some real bonding time with him. He only wanted daddy to put him down for naps and bedtime. It was tough on my beautiful bride, but it was awesome for me to know he wanted time with me. I purchased a child bike carrier (CoPilot Limo) and we made good use if it this summer riding to the splash pad, around the neighborhood, to Shipley drive-thru or to Nanna and Pappa's house. I did not have goals to accomplish everyday, tasks to complete, money to make, or any set agenda. By God's grace I have begun to learn to slow down and not always have a plan and have to be doing something. Some of the sweetest moments this summer were when my son would randomly stop what he was doing, turn to me and hug and kiss me saying "I love you Daddy." These moments happened be cause we were just together, not because I bought some expensive present or took him on some great vacation.

July 1st our second son was born so I had a full month at home with my wonderful wife, my adorable 2 year old and our newborn baby boy. God's timing is amazing, allowing me to invest in my wife by doing dishes, cooking, doing laundry, and other various chores so she could focus on the newborn. My oldest went everywhere with me: mowing the yard, yep in a carrier; hardware store you bet, at the grocery store we left skid marks from racing the shopping carts. Now when we pray together at night he asks to pray for Daddy's tools. This does not happen if I choose not to include him.
Now to our newest...I forgot how noisy they are when they sleep. For now he is in the crib next to our bed on my side. Grunt grunt grunt. I am also reminded of what sacrificial love means. Honestly newborn babies are not much fun they cry, pee, poop, spit up, sleep, GRUNT and cry some more. They don't smile back, or stop and say "I love you Daddy," they don't even show gratitude for you rocking them at 2, 3, and 4 am; it is all about them. I know the smiles will come but that doesn't make it any easier. If I had not been loved this way by my heavenly father then I do not know if I could succeed at being a parent.

As far as athletic training: I went to 5 straight days of clinics at the beginning of the summer and workout quite a bit during nap time, was active on twitter and worked on the podcast some.

I always try to live in the moment and look forward to challenges that lie ahead ready to rise up and conquer them.

For now, that's a wrap.
Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012.

Well what can I say, I had some high hopes for the blog this year, but I never really got to work on it. The Sports Medicine Broadcast and the Student Podacst did pretty well and that is where I focused most of my attention. We added more equipment, more microphones, a bigger monitor, a live stream and hopefully soon a web cam so there is a live video stream. We had 20 episodes over the course of the year and we are currently working on lining up guest to start again in late August or early September. We have learned a lot of things through our many discussions with Sports medicine professionals. We are looking to offer Continuing Education Opportunities (CEUs) so that Athletic Trainer can receive credit for listening in. That is in the works.

This summer will be another big change for the Jackson household as we welcome our second child in June or July.

We hope for a big freshman class of student athletic trainers as we visited all three high school that feed into the great PHS.  Next year we will be have a new practice / game field where the old Kruze Elem. used to stand.

It has been a great year. So this is likely the last post for 2011 - 2012. Remember the only way is the fighting eagle way and that is courage responsibilty and respect.

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Wednesday, Feb 22nd, 2012.

On President's day I went to Brazos Bend State Park with my beautiful wife, adorable son and her parents. We had a wonderful time enjoying the amazing weather, looking at birds and at least 40 gators. There was one that we almost had to step over to continue on the trail.

I really enjoying being outside. I believe that is one reason I enjoy athletic training so much. I am not stuck inside all day.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to enjoy that day with my wonderful family.

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Thursday, Feb 16th, 2012.

Well it has been a while since the last post so I'll brief any of you on our recent changes.

 1) We have an App available in the android store

2) We have received another grant for educational technology. $2500 from ATPE

3) We have a student podcast. Here the students run the entire show start to finish.

 4) My amazing wife is expecting our second child.

5) Doc has an "empty nest"

6) Twitter name has changed

7) We have joined social media: Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Fan page, Google+

8) PHS had the second highest number of student trainers attend GHATS in our district.

I am sure there are many more, but for now that's all. We are excited about the podcast and the guest we have been able to bring in. It is a great experience for everyone involved. To all who listen: Thanks. To all who read this: Thanks. To all who follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+: Thanks.  With out the support of our community we would not be able to make all these great things possible for the future of our nation: the students.

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011.

Pasadena ISD Education Foundation awarded grants yesterday. Our Sports Medicine Broadcast will be much improved with the new equipment provided from our most recent grant efforts. Before I get any further I must acknowledge a few people.

1. I believe God has given me this talent and that is why I have succeded with my grant efforts

2. My beautiful wife is my chief editor. We are an amazing team; I come up with the great ideas and do initial work but she makes it flow and look really good.

3. Doc takes care of most of the Training Room paperwork so that I am free to work on these grants. He is also the co-host on the show even though he feels he doesn't have a radio voice.

4. The Tightwad Tech was the first podcast I listened to. It basically set the stage for all that is currently in the mix. At TCEA they did a "How to Podcast" presentation that opened my eyes.

So now we get to go to the grant budget meeting in the fall and order supplies that should be in shortly afterwards. The supplies should include a new computer that will be able to process the audio and video, audio recording equipment, a digital camera, a video camera, and an iPod to listen to and view the podcasts. Also, two other groups at our school recieved grants from the Educaion Foundation. Check out the link HERE

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Friday, Apr 8th, 2011.

The PasadenaISD Educational Foundation awarded the Sports Medicine courses at all 5 high schools a grant to purchase teaching models. What are teaching models you ask??? Well look at this picture of CP and Nelly checking them out for the first time. You can also notice the large muscular leg in the background and the X-rays on the table, all from the grant. Yep they pretty much set us up to teach some really cool stuff. The other schools have not gotten their equipment as of yet because we are still waiting on a few boxes, but I was way too impatient. The students are going to love this stuff.



Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Monday, Mar 28th, 2011.
Podcasting studio: featuring CP, Nelly, Selene; photo by Jackson

SchoolCenter Picture

Well it has been a few weeks. We have been awarded a few grants from www.donorschoose.orgThanks to those companies and individuals who supported our projects. We have used the digital camera to make a photo story about Arch Taping. The audio recording equipment allowed us to control volume and other levels to create quality sounds. This was our first effort and overall I am very impressed with the effort our students gave creating the photo story. Keep up the great work I also want to send a shout out to a musician friend; check out his site at  He has sponsored our school by giving us permission to use his music in our podcast.  We have to thank Mr. Bonas (orchestra) for his audio recording coaching and donating equipment to our efforts.

Awesome job student athetic trainers!!

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Thursday, Feb 17th, 2011.

Wednesday, February 16th 2011 another fantastic field trip. Thanks to: LaShelle Brown and the Methodist team for setting us up with contact information and our first stop at the sports medicine clinic. Also thanks to Dawn Stuckey, the Athletic Training staff and Rice University for the awesome walking tour of the beautiful Rice campus on a beautiful day. We also got to eat in the "servery" or cafeteria at Rice. It was great food and a great time. Thanks to Reggie Barnes and the Houston Texans Athletic Training staff for showing us around the Texans facilities and answering so many questions. Finally, thanks to Sam Rayburn High school for getting the bus driver and bus so we could go on the field trip.

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Monday, Jan 24th, 2011.
Justin Webster houston firefighter demonstrating spine boarding

SchoolCenter Picture

Selene being strapped down.  Paramedics use a duct tape like material to secure patients to spine board.  Thanks to our HFD friend for his time

SchoolCenter Picture

You have to be willing to do what you ask of your students. I guess that means I am the first volunteer. 

CP taped to our make shift spine board

Thanks to Mr. Webster for volunteering his time on his day off to show our Pasadena HS student athletic trainers how to spine board and apply a cervical collar.

Posted by Jackson on Thursday, Jan 20th, 2011.
c-collar; Carmen; Nelly; Crystal; Selene

SchoolCenter Picture

SchoolCenter Picture

Our Sports Medicine students have been practicing spinal injuries with the spine board. Today we have a Houston Fireman coming to help show us how to do it. As EMTs they use the spine board on victims on a weekly basis. This is a great opportunity to see other ways to perform the tasks and to meet professionals in our community and line of work. Maybe for BONUS points they will wear them around school.

I have attached the pictures so you should be able to download them.

Posted by Jeremy Jackson on Tuesday, Jan 11th, 2011.

GHATS was great this Saturday. PHS had the second highest number in attendance for our district. Our students learned lots and competed in a relay. They won some door prizes and got lots of free stuff and two new t-shirts. Keep up the great work. In attendance: Lupe Autumn Cindy Selene Bernadina Crystal Marissa