Alma Mater

PHS Alma Mater

Who wrote the lyrics and who composed the music for our current Alma Mater?


The current PHS Fight Song was originally the school Alma Mater.  Dr. Gene Stuchbery, legendary PHS band director from 1935-1964, wanted to compose the music for a new song that would “make your heart come up in your throat” and cause every Eagle to feel a sense of belonging to PHS when he/she heard it played.  Dr. Stuchbery’s musical composition was first performed for the entire student body at a pep rally in the fall of 1954. 


Alma Mater

Symbol of knowledge and truth,

Proudly we hail thee today;

Thy name forever shall be

In our hearts to stay.


Thy noble standards,

Precepts of love, honor, and loyalty

Thy banner o’er us

Inspires us to rise on to victory.


May green and white proudly wave

O’er us in splendor to see,

Our Alma Mater shall reign

Through all eternity.


When did the tradition of linking pinkie fingers while singing the Alma Mater begin?

The first evidence in the PHS yearbooks of students linking pinkies is in 1955 at the pep rally when the Alma Mater was played for the first time.  It appears that linking pinkies symbolized the purpose that band director Dr. Gene Stuchberry had in composing the Alma Mater: to create a song that would give all Eagles a sense of pride in and belonging to their school.  Linking pinkies still symbolizes unity and promotes cohesiveness among the student body.